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  • Spécialiste en création de maisons durables et espaces verts écoresponsables // VIRAGE architecture + paysage

    If your schedule is too busy, write to us directly:​ ​ Follow us on social networks: @viragedesign Let's get acquainted Tell us about your ideas, your project, your budget, your vision and about you. Let's see if we are a good fit for you. Let's discuss your project Learn what we would do in your situation to increase the value of your spaces, how much it could cost you, how much it can transform your property and all that you will need to make it happen. ​ We take care of you We answer all your questions, unravel the next steps, create a realistic timeline and find the right approach to guarantee the success of your project. We are here to help you realize your dream project with our personalized service or completely online service, whether you prefer to be present at every step or almost not at all. LET'S TALK TODAY, LET'S START TOMORROW . BOOK A CALL architecture landscape to create better spaces, interconnected, sustainable and healthy. WE COMBINE THE PRACTICES OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE + LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE What I master is the connections. ​ The connections between disciplines, between spaces, between humans and nature. ​ Between where you are now and where you would like to be. ​ It is also my connection with you. Understanding you better to guide you better. Because to be successful, we have to walk this road together. WHY ME ? The studio is led by Félix, designer of sustainable homes (LEED AP® Homes) and landscape architect (AAPQ) residing in Quebec. Across the province, he helps people transform residential properties into beautiful sustainable environments. Multidisciplinarian and innovator by nature, he wishes to change the way people live at home by creating better indoor and outdoor spaces that are perfectly linked. Whether it's with design, plants, ecosystems and energy efficiency, he can help you achieve superior results, on time and within your budget. BEHIND VIRAGE 2-IN-1 ARCHITECTURE LANDSCAPE We are designers of sustainable homes and landscape architects there to carefully analyze your needs and offer you the best tailor-made solutions. ​ Then, we design the complete transformation of your home and your garden, simultaneously. Through clear steps and frequent meetings, you are offered several options for indoor and outdoor spaces, in harmony with your vision. From the first drawing to final result, we help you without ever losing sight of your dream property. Do you wish to change your indoor and outdoor environments? COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION inside and out . everything you need to make your spaces greener and more sustainable. .

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